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Vol. 61, No.2, 2013

Vol. 61, No.2, 2013 Image

Classical Sociological Theory in Contemporary Practice


A Sociology Reading of Classical Sociological Theory
Nicole Curato

Truth and Human Interest: Musings on Post - Nietzchean Sociology of Knowlegde
Gerardo M. Lanuza

Technology as a Social Theoretical Conceptualization
Erwin F. Rafael

On Queer and Capital: Borrowing Key Marxist Concepts to Enrich Queer Theorizing
John Andrew G. Evangelista

From Confrontation to Collaboration: A Durkheimian Turn in the Claim-making of an Urban Poor Movement?
Gerald M. Nicolas

The Rationalities of Everyday Risk Management: A Modified Weberian Typology
Rizza Kaye Cases

Research Note

Participatory Action Research in Disaster Preparedness and Community Reconstruction
Ma.Bernadeth Laurelyn Pante, Alisson Matocinos, Alexander Abril and Bounteous Servito

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