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Vol. 61, No.1, 2013

Vol. 61, No.1, 2013 Image

Sociology and InterDisciplinarity

Reflective Essays/Articles

Sociology and Interdisciplinarity: The Promise and the Perils
Michael Burawoy

Keep it Contentious: The Role of Dissent and Deliberation in Interdisciplinary Research
Nicole C. Curato

Bridging History and Sociology in Studying Colonial Prison: Notes and Reflections
Aaron Abel T. Mallari

Reflections of a Filipino Social Historian
Francis Alvarez Geologo

Sociological Time Travel: Criminality and Criminologists in the Philippine Past
Filomin Candaliza-Gutierrez

The Fulcrum of Structure-Agency: History and Sociology of Sugar Haciendas in Colonial Negros
Filomeno V. Aguilar Jr.


More than 100 years of Sociology? A Historical Reconstruction of the Teaching of Sociology in the University of Santo Tomas
Clarence M. Batan and Francis Lyn Samaco

Whose Expectations Matter? External Funding, Academic Dispositions, and University Social Research Centers in the Philippines
Leland Joseph R. Dela Cruz

Poverty of Words in Poverty Discourses: the Case of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines
Rhoderick John S. Abellanosa

Voice Behind Prison Walls: Rehabilitation from the Perspective of Inmates
Marina D. Gamo

Book Review

Why Why Nations Fail is not in the Same League as The Social Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy
(Review of Why Nations Fail : The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty by Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson. New York: Crown Publishers, 2012)
Walden F. Bello


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