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Vol. 60, 2012

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Sociology of Deviance


Filipino Sociologist and Mentor: Professor Ricardo M. Zarco (1930-2011)
Filomin Candaliza-Guitierrez

Report on Student Organization Conflicts, University of the Philippines, Diliman, 1938-2000
Ricardo M. Zarco and Donald J. Shoemaker

Youthful Atheism and Self-Stylization: Reflections on the Atheism of the UP Diliman Atheist Circle
Gerardo M. Lanuza

A Conceptual Exploration of Istambay Phenomenon in the Philippines
Clarence M. Batan

Human Rights in the Eyes of the Filipino Soldier
Leslie Advincula-Lopez

The Bilibid Prison as an American Colonial Project in the Philippines
Aaron Abel T. Mallari

Pangkat: Inmate Gangs at the New Bilibid Prison Maximum Security Compound
Filomin Candaliza-Gutierrez

Rocks Beneath the Surface: Changing Relations Between the Church and Politics in the Light of Vatican II
John J. Carroll, S.J.

Technology and Morality in Women’s Lives-and Deaths: The Reproductive Health Debate
Mary Racelis

Research Report

The Portrayal of Gays in Popular Filipino Films, 2000 to 2010
Louise Abigail Payuyo

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