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Volume 47, 2013

Volume 47, 2013 Image

Proceedings of the 2012 PHA National Conference The Philippines in Asia 20-22 September 2012 University of Iloilo. Iloilo City


Editor’s Foreword
Evelyn A. Songco

The Philippines in Asia
Celestina P. Boncan

Trade and Growth Areas in Asia
Alvin P. Ang

Maritime and Underwater Archaeology in the Philippines
Eusebio Z. Dizon

The 2012 Scarborough Shoal Stand-Off: From Stalemate to Escalation in the South China Sea Dispute
Renato Cruz De Castro

Shared History, Shared Destiny: Vignettes in Philippine-China Relations
Teresita Ang See

Terrorism in Asia and the Philippines: An Assessment of Treats and Responses 11 Years after 9/11
Rommel C. Banlaoi

Identity and Cultural Tourism: The Case of the Archives of the University of Santo Tomas
Regalado Trota Jose

Overseas Filipino’s Search for National Identity in Foreign Lands: An Agenda for Migration Historiography
Jeremiah M. Opiniano

Hands-On Asia Lessons in Chinese Art
Arnulfo N. Esguerra

Women’s Role in the Southeast Asian Maritime Transactions
Ma. Teresa de Guzman & Mary Jane Louise Bolunia

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