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The Social and Human Sciences in Basic Education

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The publication contains the results of the review undertaken by experts on elementary and high school textbooks approved by the Department of Education Culture and Sports (DECS). The review covered textbooks in five clusters: (1) languages (English and Filipino); (2) mathematics, science and health; (3) technology and home economics; (4) civics, culture and social studies; and (5) physical education, health, music and visual arts. There is consensus among reviewers that all the problems found in basic education textbooks relate to fundamental flaws in the implicit pedagogical framework used in DECS curriculum and textbook guidelines. This framework conceives of a curriculum as a checklist of all desired concepts and skills which students ought to know at some prescribed point in their academic life, and dictates that textbooks record all desired concepts and skills in ways that will allow knowledgeable teachers to transmit these to unknowing students. The reviewers emphasize that apart from learning concepts and skills, students ought to acquire frameworks and methods of knowing their experiences and that of others, and generating their own knowledge and understanding of all these experiences in the physical and social environment. Thus, for textbooks to be tools for developing ways of knowing, experiencing, valuing and expressing, DECS must begin with a reorientation of the Philippine basic education curriculum.

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