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Using Important Concepts in Social & Human Science

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Using Important Concepts in Social and Human Sciences to Improve Learning Content and Processes in Social Studies

The book lists important concepts from various social science disciplines and provides concrete examples of how these concepts apply in the Philippine context to serve as a guidepost for education administrators, curriculum planners, teachers, and textbook writers. It advocates the integration of these concepts in social studies textbooks and other instructional materials to promote a more cohesive and grounded understanding of society and to instill civic consciousness among Filipino students. Altogether, 70 key concepts were drawn from four disciplinal clusters, namely geography and history, anthropology and culture studies, political science and law, and sociology and economics, as well as from various UN conventions/agreements. Examples of these concepts are territoriality, urbanization, nationhood and identity, globalization, social stratification, collective behavior and social movements, cultural generalizations, resources and goods, technological advancement and innovation, human equality, and peace.

ISBN: 971-8514-21-X

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