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Perspectives of Model Educators

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Perspectives of Model Educators on the 2002 Basic Education Curriculum

The volume puts together the reflections of a select group of teachers nationally recognized for their pedagogical excellence, on the objectives and features of the 2002 basic education curriculum. In general, the teachers agree that curriculum reform is necessary to address the problem of overcrowding. They endorse the new curriculum’s goal of fostering linguistic fluency, scientific-numerical competence, and contextualized learning. Many, however, express concern over the implementation of the new curriculum, particularly the integration of social studies with other subjects under a new learning area, Makabayan. They mention the inadequate preparation and training of teachers, the unclear grading system, and lack of appropriate instructional materials. The group cites the need to conduct regular in-service teacher training and to establish a feedback mechanism to draw out and address the weaknesses of the new curriculum.

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