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In De Olde Worlde

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The publication contains an eclectic mix of research articles, essays and narratives written by and about Filipinos in Europe. A number of articles focused on the history and patterns of Filipino emigration to European countries as well as on the socio-economic contributions of Filipino migrants to host societies. Essays and personal narratives documented the challenges faced by different categories of Filipino migrants in Europe including problems of acculturation, discrimination, exploitation and legalization. Particularly highlighted were the migration experiences of women migrants such as domestic workers (au pairs), health workers, and Filipina brides/spouses. There are also essays that dwelt on the strategies employed by Filipinos to adjust and assimilate into their host communities. These include the formation of Filipino networks and migrants’ centers, many of which are church-based, and reproduction of Filipino rituals and traditions. The publication notes the steady growth of the Filipino population in Europe and suggests harmonization of statistics and continuing documentation and research to provide a realistic picture of European-based Filipinos.

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