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State Politics and Nationalism Beyond Borders

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State Politics and Nationalism Beyond Borders: Changing Dynamics in Filipino Overseas Migration

The book draws attention to the political aspects of Philippine migration, particularly how the Philippine state strives to engage and extend its influence to citizens abroad and how diasporic communities are influencing policies at home and their host societies. Situating Philippine migration in the context of labor movements across East Asia, Jorge Tigno’s paper makes a case for a regional or multilateral approach in the management of migration. The paper by David Camroux analyzes the ties between the Philippines and its communities overseas by looking into the concepts of “state,” “diaspora” and “transnationalism.” The third paper, written by Stefan Rother, examines the extent of political activism among Filipino migrants in Hongkong and its contribution to good migration governance. Henry Rojas’s paper compares the 2004 and 2007 results of overseas absentee voting and recommends policy changes to enhance the democratic participation of overseas Filipinos in future elections.

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