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Taking Stock of Philippine Sociology

Taking Stock of Philippine Sociology Image

Taking Stock of Philippine Sociology:
Arresting Declines and Mapping
New Directions

Writing in the early 1990s on The future of social sciences in the Philippines, the late Bro. Andrew Gonzalez, FSC, former Chair of the Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC), expressed a preference for comparing past and present records (preferably of the kind “which can be quantified and graphed”) as an approach to forecasting (Gonzalez, 1992-1993). He preferred this over the other known approaches at that time, for example, the Delphi Technique which relied on interviews with concerned groups and influentials about their aspirations and predictions of the future. An examination of past and present records allows one to map conditions and trends over time and extrapolate how the future may look like. Broadly adopting a similar approach, this review of the state of Philippine sociology attempts to compare past and currently available data in two areas that may give us some measure of then “growth” of national (Filipino) capabilities in the discipline. The first area has to do with the human resource base of Philippine sociology, or more specifically, the number of Filipinos trained and
schooled in the discipline. This should allow us to see whether or not we have a sufficient pool of sociologists to ensure the continuity (if not the flourishing) of the discipline in the country. This area has a bearing on the institutional infrastructure of sociology as a scientific discipline and whether or not the Philippines has (or is producing) enough sociologists for jobs or tasks that they should be performing for society or the country. The second area has to do with the work or output of the country’s sociologists – in particular, their writings and publications that serve as a measure of their
capacity to engage in research and contribute to
the production of new knowledge on Philippine
social conditions and realities. This area relates
more to an intellectual dimension to see how much progress has been made in the realm of new ideas and not only in the training of new Filipino sociologists. One supposes that a combination of good training and good ideas pushes a scientific field of study or a discipline forward.

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