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The Statistical Science

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The Statistical Science: Local and Global Directions

In 1952, the Philippine Statistical Association pursued the idea of putting up an international training center in statistics in Manila. Soon after, in 1953, a bilateral agreement between the United Nations and the Government of the Philippines was signed to create the Statistical Training Centre. The Centre, as a training institution, had the initial mandate of training professional statisticians for the country and for the region in support of reconstruction programs after World War II. After a series of short courses to capacitate the statistical workers in the Philippines and in the region, the
Master of Arts in Statistics program was offered in 1954. Ten years later, the Statistical Center was absorbed into the University of the Philippines, initially to continue offering the Master of Arts in Statistics program. The program went through a series of revisions until the current offering of two master level programs, the Master of Statistics and the Master of Science in Statistics. In 1967, the undergraduate program was offered initially as Bachelor of Statistics, then later up to the present, as Bachelor of Science in Statistics. The Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics program was introduced in 1978, but the first graduate (Dr. Sonia P. Formacion) completed only in 1983. The PhD program was enriched by the visit of well-known statisticians such as C.R. Rao, G. Cox, L. Kish, K.C.S. Pillai, L. Chen, J. Rustagi, and R. Mariano.

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