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Public Administration in the Philippines

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Public Administration in the Philippines: Meeting the Challenges of Government and Governance

Public Administration was introduced in the Philippines at a time of internal strife, transition and reconstruction. It emerged during a difficult
period marked by unrest and rebellion in the aftermath of the Second World War, and with the country gripped and confronted with the burgeoning agenda of rehabilitation and consolidation. Its entry into the country as a formal field of study is generally associated with the establishment of the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) then based at the University of the Philippines in Padre Faura, Manila. This was the offshoot of recommendations of the Bell Mission, a survey team sent to the Philippines in 1950 to study and recommend measures to rehabilitate the country following the devastation of the war. With independence obtained from the United States in 1946, the Philippines proceeded to uphold and pursue a democratic political system inherited from and patterned after the American model.

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