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Linguistic Research in the Philippines

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Linguistic Research in the Philippines: Trends, Prospects and Challenges

The production of knowledge in linguistics in the Philippines is largely the preoccupation of the Linguistic Society of the Philippines (henceforth LSP), the only professional organization of linguists and language researchers in the country. As clearly stipulated in its Mission-Vision Statement, the LSP leads in the “advancement of the scientific study of language in the Philippine context” ( Since its founding in 1969, it has been at the forefront of research and publication involving languages, especially those
used in the Philippines. While knowledge creation in linguistics has had some progress largely through the initiatives of the LSP, much remains to be done, and the achievement of its goals is hampered by various factors. This paper describes what has been done in recent years insofar as linguistic research is concerned and charts directions for future research in the field. It also discusses a number of factors that constrain the conduct of linguistic research in the country. This survey is based on what has been published in the Philippine Journal of Linguistics or PJL, LSP’s official scholarly publication, in the last ten years, i.e., from 2000 to 2009. Thus, the paper makes no claim as to the comprehensiveness and exhaustiveness of the survey.

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