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Consulting Opportunities and PhD Graduation

Consulting Opportunities and PhD Graduation Image

Consulting Opportunities and PhD Graduation in the UP School of Economics

Consulting opportunities and the social science academia have a complex and tangled relationship. By raising monetary rewards to social science practice, consultancies probably enable many academics to remain with their universities (as opposed to seeking greener pastures outside academia) and, in addition, make the field more attractive to potential students. On the other hand, consultancies divert academics from what are traditionally believed their main tasks—teaching and pure research, possibly diminishing the quality and quantity of both. Moreover, consulting opportunities outside the universities possibly
reroute students otherwise bound for academic

The rerouting of talented students away from social science academia is a serious concern, especially where there is lack of a critical mass
among practitioners. To sustain themselves, the
social sciences need to produce their future teachers and independent researchers. The
production of independent research cannot be
neglected because it forms the bedrock on which
the credibility of the field rests, and is itself necessary to make social science practitioners
credible consultants. The combination of a large
mass of students attracted to a particular field and a lack of qualified teachers is a potential recipe for disaster, as it could lead to poor practitioners who could only devalue the standing and stature of the field.

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