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The Long Road to Transdisciplinarity

The Long Road to Transdisciplinarity Image

This paper discusses the state of transdisciplinary research in Philippine social science, or specifically the developments and issues relative to research collaboration between Philippine social scientists and natural scientists as well as the permeation of social science values in other branches of knowledge. A distinction is also made of the multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary research approaches which are
considered more desirable than the disciplinary approach, but with the transdisciplinary approach being considered the most rewarding in solving complex problems, albeit the most challenging to conduct. A review is made of truly transdisciplinary research projects in the country. It includes a description of the specific nature and participants of the collaborative effort, the integrative conceptual and methodological framework(s) employed, and the significance of the research undertaking. Towards the end of the paper, the transdisciplinary research output in the country is assessed and the major issues and barriers attendant to the conduct of the unique research approach are discussed.

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