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Vol. 58 January-December 2012

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Insights on Kapampangan Society fro Palaeoenvironmental and Archaeological Research in Pampanga's Coastal Lowlands

Vito Hernandez

Agricultural and Urban Land as Property and Resource in Nineteenth Century Pampanga
Marco Stefan Lagman

The Christianization of the Filipino: Eighteenth Century (1700-1750) Consitions of the Ministry of Baptism
Nestor Cachuela Impelido

Not all the 'Spanish' Churches in Pampanga Were Built by the Spaniards: Two Cases for the Re-examination of Records in Historical Research
Regalado Trota Jose

La Exposicion General de Filipinas en Madrid (1887) : A Review
Erlinda Kintanar-Alburo

From Meaningful Change to Pointless Chaos: The Reinvention of Cebuano-Filipino Historical Memory of the
Katipunan Revolution in the Early Twentienth Century
Florencio Segundo A. MoreƱo

The Philippine SVD Schools: A Historical Inquiry into the Beginnings and Evolution of the Engagement of the Society of the Dicine Word in Education
Michael G. Layugan

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