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Vol. 60, 2011

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Nonparametric Model-Based Predictive Estimation in Survey Sampling
April Anne H. Kwong-Aquino

Investigating the Efficiency of Stratified Ranked Set Sampling Using nonparametric Bootstrap Estimation
Kevin Carl P. Santos and Jenniebie Salagubang

Length of a Time Series for Seasonal Adjustment: Some Empirical Experiments
Lisa Grace S. Bersales

Food Inflation, Underemployment an Hunger Incidence: A vector Autoregressive Analysis
Dennis S. Mapa, Fatima C. Han, and Krsitine Claire O. Estrada

Substance Use Among Serious Adolescent Offenders Following Different Patterns of Antisocial Activity
Michelle Besana and Edward P. Mulvey

Nearest-Integer Response from Normally-Distribute Opinion Model for Likert Scale
Jonny B. Pornel, Vincente T. Balinas, Giabelle A. SaldaƱa

Copula-Based Vector Autoregressive Models for Bivariate Cointegrated Data
Hideaki Taime and Ana Maria L. Tabunda

A Dose of Business Intelligence: Data Mining
Joseph Ryan G. Lansangan

Bootstrap Methods
Erniel B. Barrios

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