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Vol. 59, 2010

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Financial Econometrics
What Drives the Dynamic Conditional Correlation of Foreign Exchange and Equity Returns?
Gregorio A Vargas

Spatial-Temporal Modeling of Growth in Rice Production in the Philippines
Angela D. Nailca

Loglinear and Classification Three Models of the Decision Paradigm of the Tuberculosis Diagnostic Committee
Caryl Rose E. Alfonte

Households in Relation to Avian Influenza: A Pilot Study
Josefina V. Almeda and Jonathan G. Yabes

Backfitting Estimation of a Response Surface Model
Jhoanne Marsh C. Gatpatan

The Random Component of the Lvy Fractional Brownian Motion: A Rotation-Scale-Reflection-Invariant Random Field
Jeffrey J. Tejada

Teaching Experiments for Course in Introductory Statistics
Josefina V. Almeda

Teaching Statistical Consulting in the Philippnes
Erniel B. Barrios

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