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Vol. 53, January- December 2009

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Utilizing AHP and GIS Models in Determining Old Neighborhoods for Development in Iranian Cities: The Case of Masshad Pachnear Neighborhood
Mohammad Rahim Rahnama

Social Dimensions of Livability in a Housing Project
Michael Arieh Medina

Research on the State of Fishery Development in Van Don District using GIS Technology
Nguyen Minh Ngoc

Van Mloyvan and the Shaping of Phnom Penh
Roman Cybriwsky

Utility of Geographical Inforamtion System (GIS) in Managing City Growth
Ijaz Ahmad and Ihsan Ullah Bajwa

Research on the Agricultural Land Use Transition Among Peasants in the Suburban Area of Hanaoi: the Case of Me Tri Commune
Pham Van Cu and Thi Ha Thanh

Housing Structure Change in Chengdu, China
Zhou Yan

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