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The Philippine Social Sciences in the Life

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Volume 2: Enriching Each Other: The Encounter of the Social Sciences and Other Branches of Knowledge

Edited by: Ledevina A. CariƱo

This second volume of the Philippine Social Sciences in the Life of the Nation explores the interrelationship between the social sciences and other branches of knowledge, such as agriculture, engineering and technology, health and medicine, environment, information technology, humanities and the arts, management, law, and media studies. The papers suggest that scholars from other disciplines tend to turn to the social sciences (i.e., practitioner, theories or methodologies) whenever human/social variables arise from their research or in the process of implementing their plans and programs. The social sciences are believed to be particularly useful in analyzing problems and failures in the real-world application of systems, technologies, policies and processes. The partnership of the social sciences with other branches of knowledge has led to many significant results, ranging from the simple recognition of social variables, to the incorporation of concepts, theories and methodologies of one field into another, to the growing acceptance of multidisciplinary approaches in handling a research topic or issue, to the creation of a new body of knowledge as a result of continuous collaboration.

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