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Vol. 41, December 2010

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Adversativity and the get-passive in Philippine and British English: A corpus-based contrastive study
Ingrid Alonsagay and Josephine Nolasco

Lexical trends in Asian Englishes as documented by the International Corpus of English (ICE)
Thomas Beiermeier

Texts in contexts: African Englishes and the creative writers
Eyamba Bokamba

Philippine English and college textbooks in oral communication: Exploring the link between the World Englishes paradigm and l2 pedagogy
Danilo T. Dayag

How the global spread of English can enrich rather than engulf our culture and identity
Tony T.N. Hung

Monophthong vowels in Malaysian and Philippine English: An exploratory study
Maria Khristina S. Manueli, Stefanie Pillai, and Francisco P. Dumanig

Lexical bundles in Philippine and British scientific English
Danica L. Salazar

‘The author argues that…’: Reporting practices in Philippine journal editorials
Youfei Tian

Culture-specific or culture-general?: Cultural differences in English expressions
Yasukata Yano

Book Review
Isabel Pefianco Martin

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