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Vol. 51, January-December 2010

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Land and Society in Early Colonial Philippines (Introduction of the Panel)
Bernadita Reyes Churchill

The Agturáy of the Ili: The Elite of Ilocos, 1574-1661
Digna Balangue Apilado

Southern Tagalog Society in a Time of Transition, 1571-1671
Maria Eloisa G. Parco de Castro

Disaster in Itî’s Land: The Tragic Social History of the Datû Class in Leyte (1521-1622)
Rolando O. Borrinaga

King Gaam, the Last Monarch of Agbonan (now San Isidro), Bohol, in the Early 19th Century
Emmanual Luis A. Romanillos

Recreating Local History through Vintage Photographs
Cenon-Roldan Agbayani, Jr.

The Visayas: Islangs in the Seas, A Historical Perspective (Series 5)
Earl Jude Paul L. Cleope

Guerilla Was against the Japanese: Americans in the Visayas
Violeta S. Ignacio

Human Bibingka: Leyteños under Japanese Rule (1942-1944)
George Emmanuel R. Borrinaga

Presindent Sergio Osmeña in Tacloban, Leyte, 1944-1945
Pablo U. Amascual, III

Anti-Filipinism in Late 19th Century Publications in Spain
Erlinda K. Alburo

The Mindanao I Never Saw: Glimpses of “Yutâ sa Saad” from the Collection of the Cebuano Studies Center, University of San Carlos
Nestor Roa Pacana

Building a Colonial Hill Station: The Genesis of Baguio
Maria Nela B. Florendo

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