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Vol. 44, 2010

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Philippine Historical Association 1955-2010: Fifty-Five Years of Lighting the Flame of history
Celestina P. Boncan

For a Truer Philippine Historical Perspective
Gabriel F. Fabella

The Cry of Balintawak as a Historical Problem
Nicolas A. Zafra

Interpretations of the Ideals and Teachings of Our National Heroes
Esteban A. de Ocampo

Rizal on Youth
Ricardo A. Arcilla

Humor in our History
Dalmacio Martin

Rafael Palma as Scholar and Historian
Gergorio F. Zaide

Simeon A. Ola (1865-1952)
Ceedinio A. Ancheta

Gregorio del Pilar
Sixto Y. Orosa

The Philippine Struggle for Independence, 1896-1898: Its Impact on the Visayan Region
Gloria M. Santos

The Rules o Evidence as Innovative Approach to the True Identity of Pigafetta’s Mazaua
Celedonio O. Resurreccion

Teaching History for National Unity
Diosdado G. Capiño

Women in the Struggle for Independence
Ma. Minerva A. Gonzalez

The Changing Strategy for National Survival during the Commission Era, 1902-1916
Bonifacio S. Salamanca

The Moral and Spiritual Character of the Filipino: A Reassessment
Filipinas E. Pineda

America’s Colonial Desk and the Philippines, 1898-1934
Romeo V. Cruz

The Role of Pangasinan in the Revolutionary Period, 1896-1898
Rosario M. Cortes

The Formation of the Philippine National Community in Historical Perspective: Problems and Prospects
Oscar L. Evangelista

Manuel L. Quezon as Resident Commissioner (1909-1916)
Napaloean J. Casambre

A Strategy for Good Governance
Cesar P. Pobre

New Trends in Teaching History
Milagros C. Guerrero

Ang Bayan ng Baler: Isang Kasaysayan
Epitacio S. Palispis

A Sense of National Destiny: Historical-Spiritual Perspective Pablo S. Trillana III

Historical Agencies: National Hysterical Institute
Ambeth R. Ocampo

The Role of Spanish Religious in the Urbanization of Laguna Towns along the Bai Area
Evelyn A. Miranda

Philippine Socio-Economic Conditions in 1896: Prosperity vs. Poverty as Preconditions of the Revolution
Celestina P. Boncan

Understanding Philippine Basic Education from 1972 to 1982 Using Multidisciplinary Approach
Evelyn A. Songco


Position Paper on the Proposed Inclusion of a Crescent Moon in the National Flag of the Philippines
Philippine Historical Association

The Muslim Campaign for a Nith Ray
Teodoro A. Agoncillo

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